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Topic per grade

Grade One

Write about discovering a new city in an unexpected place.

Ideas: Imagine a group of elves living in a tree, a city underwater, a group of mice living in your classroom at night


Grade Two

Write a story about a main character who faces their biggest fear.

Ideas: A character who is scared of heights has to climb somewhere high to save someone, a character who is scared of standing on stage has to perform in front of their whole school, a character who is scared of dogs has to fight a monster dog


Grade Three

Write a story about a character who discovers a huge secret.

Ideas: the character finds out they have an evil twin, they find out they have a whole new world in their basement, they find out their dad is the president in a secret life, they find out they are actually an heir to the royal throne


Grade Four and Five

Climate change is destroying life on earth, and only your character can stop
it. Write a story about the planet, your character, and what they do.

twin.kle Songdo 1st Writing Contest

Purpose and the benefit

Purpose of the Writing Contest 

- To inspire students to think creatively outside of homework and classwork

- To allow students to write about new and exciting topics

- To challenge students' creative and imaginative thinking in a new way

- To showcase students' amazing work and progress since joining Twinkle

- To inspire healthy and lighthearted competition to encourage and motivate young writers

The benefit

- Lasting memories

- Development of students creative writing and editing skills

- Motivation to think creatively outside of the classroom

- Encouragement and recognition from friends and teachers



1. Creativity - did the student write creatively, with unique ideas and originality

2. Grammar and Spelling - did the student correct their grammar and spelling after 1st draft

3. Structure - does the story follow a clear structure, with beginning middle end, and paragraphs

4. Fluency - is the writing fluid and fluent

5. Characters and Problem - does the write characterize well, and create a good problem for their character to solve

11월9일부터 Fiction 및 Non-fiction 수업의 선생님에게 writing paper를 받을 수 있습니다.

1차 시안은: 11월 19일(금)~22일(월)이며, 1차 시간을 제출하면 Fiction선생님이 교정해서 학생에게 다시 돌려줄것입니다. 

최종 제출 기한 : 12월 3일 금요일까지입니다.

수상발표 : 12월 10일 / 학년별 3명  / 학생의 수업시간에 트로피와 문화상품권이 수여됩니다.


참가한 학생들의 글은 지면으로 발행될 예정입니다.

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